Daily Joust: Where Pimps Play

Our peoples over at Daily Joust have partnered up with Sons of Roto to offer a FREE chance to win 250 smackaroos… for FREE. Just follow this link, sign up for Daily Joust, and create your perfect Opening Day lineup. If it scores the most points out of all the entrants, you win 250 green-backs. Pretty f’ing sweet, no?

If you are unfamiliar with Daily Joust and do not have an account… get one. It’s honestly the best daily, pay-based fantasy gaming out there. If you know your shit, it’s an easy way to make extra money and the best part is that you don’t have to commit to just one roster the way you do with your regular fantasy league.

Your boy Daddy Ducats wouldn’t shill a scrub product, and you’ll probably even find yourself battling ole’ Starbonell in one of these daily leagues. Of course, you have to sign up first. It’s worth mentioning that if you have never used Daily Joust, you will not be eligible for the free entry to win $250.00. Still, even if you can’t take advantage of this offer, this is an incredibly addictive and fun hobby to take up. I’ve literally cut down greatly on the number of “normal” leagues I participate in just to make sure I have enough time to do a bunch of these every week. Again, it’s addictive.

So stop waiting until season’s end to collect some dough from your unreliable friends like Harry “I’ll Have It Next Week” Henderson and Doug “Don’t Sweat It, I’ll Get You Your Money” Donaldson. Play today, win money tomorrow. That simple.

Do work readers, do work.


About Starbonell

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