Aaron Harang Injury Update

This little piggy went all the way to the Disabled List
Photo Credit: Timmer82

Updating the status of Aaron Harang in regards to your Free Luebke Job.

From our very own Don Brown, PT, DPT:

A stress fracture to the 3rd metatarsal (long foot bone that connects to your middle toe) is a common injury that typically occurs in distance runners, so obviously it’s a bit unusual for a fat guy like Harang, who likely hasn’t run any long distances in his life, would come down with it. It does, however, explain why he’s been so slow to recover as these sort of injuries are notorious for being slow healing. When a human being walks, there’s a large amount of pressure exerted through the 3rd metatarsal, so getting a stress fracture to heal will involve not bearing weight through it, so to minimize the pressure Harang will be placed in a walking boot. The length of time he’ll be in the boot depends on the size of the fracture, but 2-4 weeks is the typical timeline. Once cleared to remove the boot, there is a gradual progression back to weight bearing activities, starting with bikes and ellipticals and building up to walking, jogging and eventually running. Further complicating things is that the injured foot is on Harang’s pushoff leg, meaning he’ll repeatedly put all his weight on that foot as he pushes off the rubber. He’ll need to be fully recovered before he’s able to push off comfortably.

As always, with the very limited information available regarding Harang’s injury and not personally treating him, it’s tough to guess at how long it will take for his return. Given the information available and my experience in treating things like this, I would estimate a timeline of 4-6 weeks before he’s able to even attempt running, and 6-8 weeks before he’s cleared for a rehab assignment. I’ve seen these things take anywhere from 1-3 months to heal, so you can almost bank on a month minimum without him, and it could be longer.

Feel free to add Cory Luebke with confidence. He gets the Braves on Sunday and future dates with the Mariners and Giants.