and the Nominees are…

As I learn the nuances of auction drafts I’ve been reading up on some advice. I know some ppl designate a certain percent of their budget to top ranked players, but I’m not exactly sure what those numbers are. The mock auction team I posted earlier was not planned. I didn’t set a chunk of money aside and say this is for these dudes and the rest is for them, I freestyled that shit. I did come across a little information regarding spending between hitters and pitchers from The Sherpa:

“Most experts more or less adhered to the rule of thumb about spending roughly $180 on hitters and $80 on pitchers.”

The purpose of this blog post is to touch on what Behrens said about nominating players:

“Don’t become predictable… if it’s clear that you don’t intend to buy any player you nominate, then, in all likelihood, you’ll eventually get stuck with one of ’em.”

Sure, you could get stuck with one of ’em later in the draft when players are going for $1, but you’re not going to get stuck with the early to mid rd overrated players. Someone is gonna bid more than $1 on the following players. These are the guys I’m going to nominate in an attempt to get teams to spend money early. This way, they will be less likely to push me too far in a bidding war over underrated players who are going to break out, like Brett Anderson. Most of these nominees will be OF or SP as these positions are easier to fill with smaller bids. So without further ado…

the 2010 nominees for worst performance by a player in a supporting role are:

Joe Mauer
David Wright
Matt Holliday
Victor Martinez
Brandon Phillips
Aaron Hill
Jason Bay
Adam Lind
Dan Uggla
Andre Ethier
Josh Hamilton
Manny Ramirez
Michael Bourn
Chris Coghlan
Jason Kubel
Alfonso Soriano
Ryan Ludwick
David Ortiz
Carlos Beltran
Corey Hart

Chris Carpenter
Cliff Lee
Johan Santana
Jonathan Broxton
Mariano Rivera
Joe Nathan
Jonathan Papelbon
Jair Jurrjens
John Lackey
Edwin Jackson
Rick Porcello
Randy Wolf

If you get stuck with any of these guys for $1, it wouldn’t be a problem. After these guys are scooped up, I will load up my nomination queue with players who I want at positions I need to fill. This is a good point to switch up your tactics, thus becoming less predictable. Let’s be clear, I am not saying the above players will be complete busts, but I have doubts about their production compared to their prices. I will be grabbing a beer from the fridge during their 30 seconds in the spotlight. If you have a problem with me talking bad about any of these guys; that’s cool, I need someone to drive their prices up.