Andy Behrens Blog League

This post is apart of the MDS vs the Experts section. I am attempting to pick off industry experts in my quest to become the greatest fantasy manager of all time; and here, I failed. It’s a sad story of injuries, hardships and Mark Reynolds.

Between the spam and hate mail I get, it’s stuff like this that makes checking my inbox worthwhile. Although, I have been getting excellent money opportunities in Africa and the UK Lottery. Andy Behrens Blog League… what can I say? “Heartbreak” pretty much sums up everything. Formerly known as HBK, Harmon BrewKilla the Heart Break Kid, I received a taste of my own medicine.

This league was Deep. 12 teams, NL-only with CI and MI roster spots added. If you had an injury, you were looking at complete losers for help. Chris Dickerson was about as good as it got. I was starting Will Venable before his hot streak, it was ugly. If that doesn’t paint a grim picture for ya, check out this autodrafted team. Looks like he had 7 players who didn’t have a MLB job. Ouch! He missed the draft and PAID for it. So now that you understand the dire consequences of the free agent market, try to picture losing Beltran, Aram, Votto, Drew, the Big Unit and LaRoche. Adam was traded to Boston, so I dropped him and immediately he was dealt back to the NL and someone used their waiver on him. I paid the price for being active. Burriss, Giles and Spillborghs also lost playing time to injuries/suckage, but those weren’t big surprises.

This league was a very painful experience, especially having to watch Behrens run away with the league all season. He had no injuries and had that POS Mark Reynolds. I hate that guy now. His season will challenge his teammate’s (Byrnes 2007) as the biggest fluke of all time. The league was sort of boring due to the lack of roster moves, but Broken Nose’s determination to not finish last and i should stop trying’s self defeating trash talk messages provided some interest. There isn’t much else to say about the league other than Behrens kicked our asses, I made a few trades that helped the cause, I successfully predicted the arrival of Ryan Franklin over Motte and I finished in 3rd place even tho I lost all my top players to extended DL time. Y! Dibiase definitely wants/deserves a rematch cuz I should have won.

Congrats Behrens, you had a great draft and the fantasy Gods were with you