Body Count

The Rebel Yell was sounded, ammo was fired and bidding battles enraged. Blog Wars has drafted and the quest for dominance of the fantasy baseball blogosphere has begun. The auction draft lasted three and a half hours, but it wasn’t long enough for me to draft a Middle Infielder. Watching Alcides Escobar go for $2 was painful. I have war stories. The dust has settled, now is the time to assess the carnage.

Full Draft Results
15-team rotisserie league (1400 IP cap)
C(2), 1B, 3B, CI, 2B, SS, MI, OF(5), UT, P(8), BN(3), DL(5)

Catcher Miguel Montero (14), Matt Wieters (13)
Corner Infield Paul Konerko (18), Jose Bautista (26), Kevin Youkilis (35)
Middle Infield Ian Kinsler (28), Joel Peralata (1)
Outfield R.Davis (8), C.Crisp (7), C.Hart (15), M.Ordonez (5), T.Snider (9)
Utility Chris Coghlan (1)
Bench Juan Rivera (1), Jose Lopez (1), Mark DeRosa (1)

Relief Pitcher John Axford (12), J.J. Putz (9), Sergio Romo (1)
Starting Pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez (22), Brandon Morrow (11), Ricky Nolasco (10), Jeremy Hellickson (10), Bud Norris (1), Jeff Niemann (1)

Draft Highlights I like to play the role of sheriff during the draft. That’s just a fancy way of saying I like to inflate player cost when I think I can get away with it. Making sure everyone pays their dues and dodging bullets can bring a rush of adrenaline. The job isn’t for everyone, but everyone enjoys a good sheriff. Some of my favorite price-enforcing moments included raising the tax on Batting Average when Andy Behrens purchased Adam Dunn and wanted a side of Ichiro, enticing Charlie Saponara into bidding $21 on his beloved Jacoby Ellsbury, pushing Chris Carbonell to make David Wright the highest paid Third Baseman and watching Scott Swanay bid $11 for Mike Aviles’ potential breakout. I was never caught augmenting the prices, because whenever I am caught I just lie and say, “Nah, I like him. I paid market price”. Never admit to being caught.

Nah, I Like Him I thought someone would go $14 on Matt Wieters. Napoli, Soto and Montero went for $14 just prior to that. I would have preferred to draft Carlos Ruiz for $3. I was price enforcing on Ian Kinsler and paid $28. Dustin Pedroia went for $33 and Dan Uggla went for $29. I don’t regret this purchase at all. Ubaldo Jimenez at $22 was price enforcing. Lester and Kershaw went for $28 apiece, I wasn’t going to let someone land Ubaldo for $21. I had plans of spending less than $15 on any given SP, but I’m glad to have Ubaldo as my workhorse. 

Draft Lowlights I had to fill eight roster spots with $8. Because of my extravagant taste, lifestyle and spending habits I was forced to watch much needed role players go to other teams. Oh how I wish I had $3 for Alcides Escobar. I know spite was the reason Starbonell stopped me from landing Placido Polanco for $1. I took offense when Yunel Escobar was nominated early. I tried to avoid nominating Michael Brantley until Andy Behrens ran out of hammer money, but I took a chance and lost the Indians Outfielder. Watching Starbonell pay only $1 for Raul Ibanez was disturbing. “Heart-breaking” doesn’t begin to describe the feeling of being three seconds away from landing Travis Wood at my $1 max bid. Not being able to defend my nomination of James McDonald was painful. Not having the money to steal Will Venable was disappointing. Watching Miguel Tejada go for $1 made me feel helpless.  Waving goodbye to Cliff Pennington nearly brought a tear to my eye. Most of my war stories revolve around cheap Outfielders and Middle Infielders during the end game process.

20/20 Hindsight I love my Corner Infield, Outfield, Catching and Pitching. The team has a feel of dominance and is worthy of the “Favored to Win Award” that was bestowed upon it by yours-truly. However, it does need some fine tuning. It’s not quite dialed in at the moment. I’ll need to find some cheap Saves off the wire. I’m banking on a bounce-back campaign from Jose Lopez or Mark DeRosa. I could use some 15-20 HR pop at the MI slot. I’ll need Juan Rivera or a free agent to fill in for an injured Coco Crisp, Corey Hart, Magglio Ordonez or Chris Coghlan. Right now I am envisioning myself spending all my FAAB on Brandon Belt.