Breakfast of Chumpions

Matt Wieters sucks.

Ok, that was an overstatement, but his value does suck. What is the point of reaching for a catcher who is going to hit .293 with 15 HR? Kurt Suzuki will likely outproduce Matt Wieters this season. I’ll definitely take Russell Martin, Mike Napoli and others at their price tags rather than Wieters at his. It pains me to say it, but AJ Pierzynski is a better buy. Hype does not dictate my rankings, like others.

Tell Bill James I said thanks for extrapolating AA stats.

I really like CHONE’s projection for Baltimore’s sweet baby Jebus. The 22% K Rate, .343 BABIP and 15 HR tally up to a .289 AVG. I’m being a little more generous with the BABIP to credit Wieters with a .293 AVG. You won’t get any steals and the Runs/RBI are dependent on where he is slotted in the lineup. MLB Depth Charts has him projected to hit 5th in the lineup. Tejada wont be clearing the bases with HR and having Nolan Reimold and Luke Scott hitting behind him isn’t bad. I’m thinking 60-65 runs and 70-75 RBI while playing 135 or so games. CHONE has him posting 55 Runs and 64 RBI, so even tho I don’t like Wieters’ price tag, I’m not a complete playa hater. So where does Wieters fit into the Million Dollar Catcher Rankings?

ADP numbers are from MDC
13.5 Joe Mauer
23.5 Victor Martinez
43.2 Brian McCann
130.4 Kurt Suzuki
136.4 Russell Martin
92.4 Matt Wieters
176.0 Mike Napoli
120.0 Jorge Posada
144.9 Miguel Montero
149.8 Geovany Soto
205.4 Ryan Doumit
253.8 AJ Pierzynski
157.5 Bengie Molina
174.0 Chris Iannetta

Thanks to Bill & James Not so Excellent Adventure in rookie projections and a lucky month of September/October (.435 BABIP), ppl will be overrating Matt Wieters. Overrating him even after he disappointed everyone who drafted him last year. What is up with that? You can have 2015’s best catcher, MDS will be over here maximizing value.