Brett Anderson ADP Watch

It’s no secret I have a man crush on Brett Anderson. Just thinking about drafting him makes my body temp rise a few degrees. When I look at his ADP my pupils dilate. The only problem is, everyone wants a piece of Brett Anderson. He is on every sleeper list imaginable. It’s still very early in the drafting season and as ppl read up on him and watch him get drafted by others, his ADP will continue to rise.

ADP numbers are from MDC

Jan 7th: 243
Jan 30th: 207
Feb 2nd: 198
Today: 163 (37th SP)

That makes him a early Rd 14 pick in standard Yahoo! leagues. In mock auctions, I will buy Brett every time no matter the price. I am testing the waters to see how far ppl are willing to go on him. I usually get him for around $11-$15. His ADP and mock auction prices still leave value for profit. I have him ranked as my 25th SP, behind big name pitchers such as Nolasco, Kershaw, Hanson, Wandy, Cliff Lee, Peavy and Santana. Basically I think he’ll be worth $16-$20 this season. Obviously I do not want to pay that much for him so if A-Mak wants to bump up the price tag, I’m gonna mess with him and Mike Napoli. That’s right, it’s getting personal up in this beyotch.

According to MDC, inferior pitchers such as Roy Oswalt, Ted Lilly, Scott Baker, Jair Jurrjens (yuck), Max Scherzer, Jered Weaver, James Shields, Brandon Webb, AJ Burnett, John Lackey, Matt Garza and Chad Billingsley are going ahead of Anderson. To be fair to Buffalo Billingsley, I have him ranked 26th. I have Scott Baker at 27.

All of my drafts are in the second half of March so Anderson’s ADP will likely be pushing 140 by then and in competitive leagues he will probably go 130ish…. to me hopefully. It’s impossible to say what I’ll bid on him in auction drafts b/c my leagues are deep so I have no clue how the bidding will play out compared to standard leagues. All I know is that I want Brett Anderson.