The Cheeks Weather Report (5/17/11)

When it rains, it pours with Jorge Posada jokes.
Photo Credit: Googie man

There is nothing more annoying then setting your lineup only to have that bitch Mother Nature rain on your parade. Like last week when the Mets/Rockies game was rained out and I had Carlos Beltran waste a roster spot while Jason Kubel and his four RBIs sat on my bench. In any league with daily transactions, especially head-to-head leagues, these seemingly minor choices can be the difference between victory and defeat. That’s why your boy Cheeks is here to save the day. Aside from being a fantasy basketball genius, world renowned humanitarian, and beer pong Hall of Famer, I’m also an accredited weatherologist (that’s right, I said weatherologist). So check back here at Sons of Roto every day to get the report on what games may get the dreaded PPD before setting your lineup. I ain’t no bitch like Al Roker though, so I won’t waste any time with frills or birthday wishes for old people.

Now, the forecasts for Tuesday’s games:

There are a ton of potential weather-related problems on Tuesday. Must be that time of the month for Mother Nature.

PIT vs. WAS: This game is scheduled to start at 1:00 PM and there is actually a 93% chance of rain all day and night beginning at 1:00. 93% of the time you really shouldn’t be starting any Nats or Pirates anyway, so make sure you have these guys on your bench.

BAL vs. BOS: 95% chance of rain showers from game time at 7:00 PM through midnight, so pretty good chance of a PPD.

NYM vs. FLA: 94% chance of thunderstorms all night long. Not looking good.

LAA vs. OAK: 65% chance of showers throughout the night.

CHC vs. CIN: 60% chance of showers throughout the night.

MIL vs. LAD: 76% chance of showers beginning at 7:00 PM, decreasing to 42% from 8-12 so looks like a best case scenario would be a delayed start.   

NYY vs. TB: The game is being played in a dome, so no real problems on the field. However there is a 100% chance of wet conditions in the Yankee locker room due to Jorge Posada’s tears.


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