The Cheeks Weather Report (5/18/11)

Starbo’s Ma’ Dukes Lives La Vida Loca
Photo Credit:  Steven Damron

It looks like your boy Cheeks burst onto the scene at just the right time. I’m writing this slightly after 8:00 PM eastern time, and we’ve already had three game cancellations. Hopefully you were able to make the required adjustments following my warning yesterday. Things aren’t looking much better for tomorrow’s schedule as the average MLB field looks to be wetter than Starbonell’s mom after watching a Ricky Martin video. Let get down to the nitty gritty:

WAS vs. NYM: 90% chance of thunderstorms all night long. Decent chance of a second straight PPD for Citi Field.

NYY vs. BAL: There is an 89% chance of thunderstorms in Baltimore up until 11:00 PM, at which point it only gets slightly better with a 56% chance for the rest of the night. Not looking good.

COL vs. PHI: 90% chance of thunderstorms until 11:00 PM, when it only gets slightly better with a 75%. Looking even worse.

DET vs. BOS: 80% chance of thunderstorms all night long.

PIT vs. CIN: 45% chance of rain showers throughout the night. Maybe a delay or two, but a pretty safe bet to get the game in.


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