The Cheeks Weather Report (5/24/11)

Don’t fuck with Kevin “Goggles” Gregg. 
Photo Credit: Ich 

Another day, another slew of potential weather problems on the MLB schedule. Personally, I would like to see the commissioner’s office institute a rule that all players must wear weatherproof goggles for all games. Not only would these goggles look super cool, but they would eliminate the need for rain cancellations. Though until Bud Selig starts taking my suggestions on these matters, we’ll still need to keep up to date with local forecasts. Here’s what’s on deck for Tuesday:

ARI vs. COL: The D-backs and Rockies are slated to play a double dip, but both games have potential problems. There is a 50% chance of thunderstorms from 1:00 PM till 8:00, at which time the chances only slightly decrease to 40% for the rest of the night.

vs. PHI
: 60% chance of thunderstorms.

ATL vs. PIT: 58% chance of thunderstorms.

NYY vs. TOR: 50% chance of thunderstorms.

KC vs. BAL: 50% chance of thunderstorms.

BOS vs. CLE: 35% chance of showers. 


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