The Cheeks Weather Report (5/25/11)

Don’t know what’s more skeevy, X-Pac or the fact that he actually banged Chyna?
Photo Credit: MingH

I think as a community we are all still reeling from the reference made earlier by Starbonell about X-pac’s cock. I really don’t know how to react or attempt to follow that, so I will just get right into the details of the three games with potential weather problems on Wednesday:

WAS vs. MIL: This game is scheduled to start at 12:10 PM Central Time, however there is a 70% chance of thunderstorm all afternoon until midnight.

NYM vs. CHC: 82% chance of thunderstorms all night long.

FLA vs. SF: 64% chance of rain at the scheduled 7:10 PM Pacific Time, with the chances decreasing to 20% after 8:00. So looks like a good probability of a delay, but they should be able to get the game in.


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