The Cheeks Weather Report (5/26/11)

Photo Credit: Keith Allison

Thanks to the man above, there is a zero percent chance of Thunder in the NBA finals. However, there are some potential thunderstorms that could plague the truncated Thursday MLB schedule. Eight games are on tap, but half of them have at least some chance of thunder-related issues. Only two of them are really significant enough to warrant any type of fantasy consideration. The Mets and Cubs should be able to get in their scheduled afternoon tilt, even if the start time is delayed to later in the day. While the Red Sox and Tigers affair may suffer the same rainy conditions that forced Wednesday’s game in the Motor City to receive the dreaded PPD.

BOS vs. DET: 70% chance of thunderstorms all day/night long.

CHI vs. NYM: 70% chance of thunderstorms all day long, with the forecast improving to a 30% chance of rain after 9:00 PM.


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