The Cheeks Weather Report (5/27/11)

Photo Credit: Aaron Evans

It seems like Starbonell has his finger (probably all five fingers) on the pulse of the porn industry. Just a few short days after bringing the Chyna/Xpac sex tape to the forefront of the national fantasy sports discussion, we have received updated Chyna porn info from our friends at Chyna probably figured the only way for her to up the ante on the creepiness from banging X-Pac on video is to be double teamed by two dudes at once. So in turn we will up the ante on the Cheeks Weather Report by giving you a double dose of updates for both Friday and Saturday. The forecast looks pretty clear for the weekend, but you’ll never be able to fully clear your mind from disgusting thoughts following this latest newsbreak.

Friday May 27th
SD vs. WAS: 37% chance of thunderstorms.
LA vs. MIN: 65% chance of thunderstorms.

Saturday May 28th
SD vs. WAS: 32% chance of thunderstorms.
SF vs. MIL: 32% chance of thunderstorms.
PIT vs. CHI: 41% chance of thunderstorms.
BOS vs. DET: 38% chance of thunderstorms.



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