The Cheeks Weather Report (5/29/11)

Photo Credit: Guillaume Paumier

I’m sending in the weather report for Sunday 5/29/11 a little bit early because I’ll be going skydiving Saturday morning. The end of the world was predicted last weekend, and it may just have been delayed a few days for me. I couldn’t take the leap though without providing the Sunday forecast. If I don’t brutally crash into the ground by then I’ll be right back here continuing my daily updates tomorrow. If I do bite the dust, then just remember me as the second-most Macho Man to ever walk the earth. 

SF vs. MIL: 53% chance of thunderstorms. 
PIT vs. CHI: 35% chance of thunderstorms. 
BOS vs. DET: 30% chance of thunderstorms.
CLE vs. TAM: 30% chance of thunderstorms.
Cheeks vs. Gravity: ??% chance of death.


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