The Cheeks Weather Report (6/7/11)

Photo Credit: Connormah

It all started as a small joke made by Starbonell, followed by a few mentions in my daily Weatherology Reports. These seemingly harmless comments snowballed as news began to pour in day-by-day. First we just knew that Chyna had made a new porno, then she was taking it up the butt; then the trailer was released, and now after “fan demand” the full video has been released today on If that is something you are interested in then you know where to go. is even reporting that Chyna wants to make this a new career and sign a contract to put out more DVDs. We need to stop the madness. Even X-pac has stated that he is embarassed. When X-pac thinks you went too far down the skeeziness meter, then you know you have big time problems. Personally, I want to apologize to all of America for spreading the news to my legions of followers. I probably couldn’t have stopped it, but giving it all the huge promotion of being mentioned in one of my columns surely didn’t do any good. So this will be the last mention of this atrocity in one of my updates. Nothing on the fantasy weather forecast should give you any problems so lets just try and move past this final news break.


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