The Cheeks Weather Report (6/9/11)

Photo Credit: Shannon Lamond

A heat wave comes rolling through the northeastern United States tomorrow, which has the potential to cause a lot of problems for fantasy owners. Temperatures getting dangerously close to triple digits combined with precipitation make for a very unpredictable forecast. All of the games listed below have a least some chance of being affected. I’m not saying you should sit Ryan Howard or anything over a 20% chance of thunderstorms, but you’ll need to be aware of the situation (like Howard should be about the weirdo following him with a sledge hammer). Make sure to check in prior to game time as the skies may be clear or totally PPDed up. 

AZ vs. PIT: 52% chance of thunderstorms.
OAK vs. CHW: 50% chance of thunderstorms.
TOR vs. KC: 28% chance of thunderstorms.
NYY vs. BOS: 26% chance of thunderstorms.
CHC vs. PHI: 20% chance of thunderstorms.


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