Cheeks Weather Report (5-21-11)

Cheeks may don a funny hat and a bathroom robe, but he doesn’t use bible math.
Photo Credit: Jonathan Lidbeck

I’m sure by now everyone has heard this crazy nonsense about how the world is going to end tonight. Personally I don’t how the world can go on without “Macho Man” Randy Savage, but we must persevere and never lose sight of the truly important things in life, like fantasy sports. Assuming you are alive tomorrow you are going to need to know what potential weather problems could plague your starters. That’s where I come in. There is some wet weather in the forecast for most of the Midwest, but nothing that looks too serious. It’s an interleague Sunday afternoon so teams will definitely do all they can to get the games in since any rescheduling would be a bitch.

Games for Sunday, May 22nd

CLE vs. CIN 50% chance of showers.
DET vs. PIT 58% chance of thunderstorms.
LAD vs. CHI 41% chance of thunderstorms.
COL vs. MIL 47% chance of thunderstorms.