Cheeks Weather Report for Tuesday

The only game with an above 30 percent chance for a PPD on Tuesday is between the Twins and Tigers. In doing my extensive research I found the picture for today’s update while searching “rain detroit”. This dude is definitely down on his luck and exemplifies most of the Detroit population. So I will make a personal plea to Mother Nature herself to not put any more undue hard times on this poor fellow, and let him enjoy some good time Tigers action on Tuesday night. I can’t guarantee that my plea will be answered so be sure to check the forecasts before game time at 7:05 PM Eastern time. The rest of your usual starters should be fine.

MIN vs. DET: 45% chance of thunderstorms.
SF vs. STL: 29% chance of thunderstorms.
MIL vs. CIN: 27% chance of thunderstorms.