Chisenhizzle My Nizzle

The Cleveland Indians have called up Lonnie Chisenhall from AAA Columbus (International League). Chisenhall was Cleveland’s top rated prospect coming into the season, but the Third Basemen hasn’t put up stellar numbers in AAA. However, he was recently named the International League Player of the Week and the recent string of success has carried over into his major league debut. Heading into the bottom of the ninth Lonnie has gone 2 for 4 at the plate with a Double and a RBI-single. Both base knocks came off the hard-to-hit Ian Kennedy. So Lonnie’s up, he’s hitting; now it’s time for the good stuff. After the jump I’ll supply the rest-of-season forecast.

Usually we don’t get too excited about the promotion of a minor leaguer who was hitting .261 with 7 HR (.165 ISO) and 0 SB (249 AB) and this isn’t an exception. Lonnie is solid, but that’s about as far as I can go with the fluffing. He’s going to strikeout around the major league average, the power isn’t extraordinary and he’s not going to steal bases. He does have a cool name though and he does play Third Base so he’ll be useful in deeper leagues. I know my 11-team, extended roster, AL-Only team is happy about Lonnie’s arrival. Let’s forecast:

At Bats: 270
Strike Outs: 55 (20.4% K%)
Fly Balls: 90 (41.9% FB%)
Home Runs: 8 (8.9% HR/FB%)
BABIP: .295 (61 Singles, Doubles, Triples)
Batting Average: .256
Stolen Bases: 1

Chisenhall hit 7th tonight, sandwiched between Travis Buck and Lou Marson. Not the tastiest sandwich you’d order. Obviously Matt LaPorta was missing from the lineup (ankle), but the protection won’t change much when Not-So-Sweet Lou rides the pine. We’ll go with 33 Runs scored and 36 RBI (which is roughly 65 Runs and 70 RBI stretched over a full season). The official rest-of-season projection calls for a .256 AVG, 33 Runs, 8 HR, 36 RBI, 1 SB (270 AB). I know Lonnie put up a nice Batting Average during Spring Training, but that was just a small sample size. His minor league track record for BABIP has been very steady, sitting between .293 and .314.

This isn’t football where you have five behemoths blocking for you. This is baseball and Lonnie is going one-on-one with the world’s best Pitchers. He’s a rookie and prospects are overrated in the world of fantasy baseball. Let’s not get too excited, let’s accept Chisenhizzle for what he is, a solid player.