Chris Davis

As a sex crazed, self-proclaimed expert who has a passion for baseball and enjoys having fantasy affairs with one minor leaguer each season; I think I’m developing a soft spot for Crush Davis. Yes, the same Crush Davis who struck out in 38.4% of his At Bats and hit .238 last season for the Rangers. I almost wish it weren’t true, but people do crazy things for love and a Third Baseman.

I know the Strikeouts are a huge cause for concern, but hang with me for a minute. He was striking out around 23%-26% in the minors; so I would think his major league K Rate would be near 30% initially and slowly get a little better. That’s basically what happened in 2008 after his call up. In 2009, Davis was horrible and was sent down to work on his approach in an environment with less pressure. When he did come back, he hit .318 in Sept/Oct. This was with a .385 BABIP so let’s not go believing he is a .300 plus hitter now, but he did cut the K Rate down in a big way. In March/April, Davis struck out 48.6% of the time. Every month after that he was able to improve the K Rate; 45.3% in May, 40.2% in June, 36.4% in July, 34.8% in August and 25.5% in Sept/Oct.

When Davis was sent down he was hitting .202 with 15 HR and 114 Strike Outs over 258 At Bats. During his time in AAA, he was able to cleanse his mind and work on his swing. He felt more comfortable, was seeing the ball better and made much needed adjustments. The results were pleasing; he hit .327 and struck out 39 times over 164 At Bats (23.8%).

So far this spring Davis has been impressive, even receiving praise from Ron Washington. Through 26 At Bats, Davis has hit .538 with 4 Strike Outs (15.4%). If you extrapolate that over the course of a full seaso…. just kidding, but what does MDS expect from Crush in 2010? I feel confident projecting a .270 AVG with 28 HR. Not bad numbers for a 1B/3B/CI at his 154 ADP. I’d really like to have him at the Corner Infield spot backing up a ARod, Longo, Pablo type 3B with his dual eligibility, but if I miss out on the top guys, I would feel comfortable with Crush manning the hot corner. In leagues with low replacement rates (deep leagues), I’d take Chris Davis over Chipper Jones (ADP 136).

If do you do select Crush, just dont draft Brandon “Nuke/Meat” Morrow too (take that Starbonell). Those two will be fighting over women and Crush will be tipping pitches. Plus no one wants to see Morrow in the clubhouse wearing women’s underwear. Just don’t tell Crush that his Spring Training stats are try outs for your team. He doesn’t try out and he doesn’t believe in quantum physics when it comes to matters of the heart.