Corporate Ladder: Top 100

“Yo MDS, if you extrapolate my 15 HR in September, I’ll hit 90 HR in 2011!”

The Top 100 overall fantasy baseballers have finally arrived, complete with old school notes. The ranks have been adjusted since I released my Top 300 for the Draft Guide. My ranks change on a daily basis, you’ll just have to get used to it. They are Closer-free because I’m not chasing Saves before Round 10. Make the jump for the Top 100 Corporate Ladder.

[C] [1B] [2B] [SS] [3B] [OF] [DH] [SP] [RP] [Top 100]


[C] [1B] [2B] [SS] [3B] [OF] [DH] [SP] [RP] [Top 100]