Daily Poll: Adam Dunn

Adam Dunn struck out three times in four at bats on Sunday… against Brad Penny and the Tigers. Ouch! Dunn’s K% is up to 42% now. Ouch! I just want to show you some quick math when dealing with Adam Dunn and his lack of batted balls. Dunn has 225 Plate Appearances. Let’s subtract his 36 walks and 78 strikeouts. Dunn’s batted ball total is 111. An average MLB player would have 164 batted balls (8.5% BB%, 20.5% K%). That’s a difference of 53 batted balls, over 50 less chances for Dunn to hit a HR because he takes so many walks and strikes out so much this season. Ouch! Not only is he striking out more often, his power has been cut in half. His 9.4% HR/FB% is a far cry from his usual 21%-22%. His ISO (.136) is 130 points below his norm (career .236 ISO). All this while moving to a more hitter friendly environment. While I don’t worry much about the power, he’s Adam Dunn after all, I do worry about the lack on contact. That 42% K% is brutal and his O-Contact% is nearly 20% higher than his career O-Contact%. If he starts to miss those outside pitches like he usually does, that 42% K% could get worse. That’s a scary thought. Dunn was o-ranked as the 30th best player heading into Y! drafts, he’s now owned in 87% of leagues. That means 13% of the fantasy baseball populous has given up on the slugger. He’s currently has only 5 HR to his name, which means he’s on pace for 14 or 15 HR. I don’t think anyone expects Dunn to hit south of 20 HR, but I guess we’ll see about that. It’s time for the daily poll, how many Home Runs will Adam Dunn hit this season?