Daily Poll: Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo went 1 for 2 at the dish in his MLB debut. He hit a triple, took two walks and scored a run. If we extrapolate this over the course of the season he will post a .500 Batting Average with almost 100 triples. We’re talking about a record breaking season here. Don’t even get me started on his career numbers. All joking aside the Rizzo looked pretty good tonight, even if it was against Livan Hernandez, Sean Burnett and Henry Rodriguez. I’ve made my projection [here] and Starbonell called Rizzo, “a respectable CI option” [MLB Real Talk], but now it’s time for you to voice your opinion on the Padres top positional prospect. The 17% owned Rizzo hits waivers soon in Blog Wars (and all other leagues that use the “wait until called up to Majors” option for new players added to the pool), which means it’s time to open up your imaginary wallets and shell out some FAABulous coinage. What do you expect from Anthony Rizzo and what will you be willing to spend to acquire Petco’s newest victim?