Daily Poll: First Base Cutting the Fat

Earlier today I was asked an interesting question via Twitter by @_purple_stuff:

who do you like the least from these midtier 1B options – Lind, Butler, Morse. I cant hold all three (I’m stacked elsewhere)”

I can sympathize, I’m also “stacked elsewhere”. But getting to the question, I was somewhat surprised by my own answer. I think I would move Billy Butler and hold onto Adam Lind and Mike Morse. I would attempt to trade Butler, but if no one showed any interest I would show him the door. I’m still surprised by that. I actually have Butler on one team, but he’s definitely not my favorite First Baseman. He’s not even my favorite Butler. I need Home Runs from my 1B (the league in which I own Butler uses SLG instead of HR). Baby Huey has 4 HR through 210 AB. Todd Helton has seven home runs, even Lyle Overbay has five. Billy is currently ranked 21st among all First Baseman at Yahoo. He does a good job of getting on base, but he hits so few Fly Balls (career 34% FB%) and his HR/FB% is pathetic for a corner infielder (career 9.2%). Citing that 9.2% HR/FB% is giving him credit, four of five years it’s been below 9%. His HR/FB% is sitting at 6.8% now. Billy Butler is comprised solely of baby fat. I answered the question, but I’m guessing it’s an unpopular choice. Voice your opinion, which mid-tier 1B do you like least? Lind, Butler or Morse?

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