Daily Poll: Francisco Liriano

Liriano was wildly effective on Tuesday, walking six in his first career no-hitter. The popular advice you’ll find is to use the opportunity to sell on Francisco. Selling isn’t just the popular advice, it’s the main stream of thought. Check out the thumbs up on Zogato’s comment (while you’re doing that, give DaGoldenEagle the thumbs down). MDS likes to zig while others are zagging, he likes his zig zags too. While Liriano has forgotten how to throw first-pitch strikes, lost his release point and is walking more batters than he is striking out, it’s important to remember that this is Francisco Liriano. He isn’t giving up much for Line Drives (10.9% LD% at Fangraphs) and he has a world class Pitching Coach in Rick Anderson. Andy should be able to straighten out his mechanics. So the question is, are you attempting to pull a fast one and buy in or are you using the opportunity to rid yourself of a headache?