Daily Poll: Jose Bautista

Jose Bautista [Fangraphs] has defied the naysayers and continued clubbing Home Runs at an unbelievable rate. His 28.1% HR/FB% suggests his body is forged from iron ore. Bautista’s extreme Fly Ball profile combined with his outrageous HR/FB% says the 54 HR from 2010 was not a fluke. In fact, Jose has more than double the Home Runs that he hit at this point in 2010. Not only is he ruining the numbers of Pitchers across the league, Jose is stealing bases at will thanks to John Farrell’s aggressive tendencies on the base paths. I’m almost wondering if he can post a 60/20 season. It’s beyond obvious that MDS is drinking the Kool Aid, but what do you think? Will the HR/FB% stay above 20% (elite power numbers)? How far will the BABIP/AVG drop when more Fly Balls end up in opposing leather? Where would you select Jose Bautista if we held a draft today?