Don’t Draft Jayson Werth

Jayson Werth was just paid big money by Washington and he’s been all over the news because of that contract. Maybe the absurd amount of money he received has taken attention away from the fact that he is leaving a hitter’s park and a choice lineup for browner pastures in Washington. Make the jump to see why I am hating on the bearded, limp wristed, overrated Outfielder that is Jayson Werth.

image via MLB Gameday BIP Location

Yeah, that’s right. Count those Home Runs Jayson Werth hit at Citizens Bank that wouldn’t have cleared the fence in Washington. There’s 10 of ’em. In 2010, Werth hit 18 HR at home compared to 9 on the road and he would’ve lost 10 of those 18 HR if he wasn’t playing in Philly. Oh the humanity. Adding to the despondency, Hit Tracker Online says four of Werth’s 27 HR were lucky, meaning they wouldn’t have cleared the fence if the ball wasn’t aided by weather conditions.

Did I mention Jayson Werth has a limp wrist? He’s been in the league since 2002 and has played in 150 games only twice. He missed 53 days in 2005 while recovering from a fracture in his left wrist. In 2006, he hit the 60-day DL and missed nearly 200 days due to wrist surgery. In 2007 he strained the thing and missed 33 days. He hasn’t had any recent troubles with his wrist, that’s good. Maybe he strengthened it via The Stranger.

So long Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins, Raul Ibanez; hello Ryan Zimmerman… Roger Bernadina and Adam LaRoche.

Jayson Werth will be 32-years old in May, he isn’t the most durable player, he is slowing down on the base paths (unless you think the aerodynamics of the beard were the culprit) and his new home isn’t very sweet. He is being drafted ahead of players like Alex Rios, Jacoby Ellsbury, Jay Bruce and Hunter Pence, whom I’d rather have straight up. My 2011 projection for Mr. Werth: .267 AVG, 25 HR, 88 Runs, 85 RBI and 12 SB. That’s not what you want from your Fifth Round pick, especially from an Outfielder. Do yourself a favor, do not draft Jayson Werth.