Dont Hassel the Hoff Man

While the world overreacts to Trevor Hoffman‘s blown Saves, MDS is busy trading FOR him. That’s right, now is the time to buy low on the Hoff. Forget all the “whaaaa Hoffman blew another Save, whaaaa he’s given up 5 HR, whaaaaa time to pick up LaTroy Hawkins” crybaby nonsense. In case you forgot, Hoffman has 594 career Saves. LaTroy Hawkins, pfffff. People are funny.

Hoffman’s WHIP totals, starting in 2010 and working backwards: 2.00, 0.91, 1.04, 1.12, 0.97, 1.11, 1.18, 1.14, 1.00, 0.94, 0.85, 1.02, 0.92, 1.16, 1.05, 1.21 and you have to go all the way back to 1993 to get to Hoffman’s worst WHIP: 1.40. Hoffman has a career 1.05 WHIP in 19 seasons with no signs of slowing down!

We’re not talking about a pitcher who is losing velocity, he’s already lost it all. He’s been throwing a 85-86 mph fastball for years. We’re not talking about a pitcher who is suddenly walking more batters. His 2.25 BB/9 is actually below his career average (2.45 BB/9). He is still pitching in the zone (51.9% Zone%, 56.1% career avg) and throwing First Pitch Strikes (62.5% F-Strike%, 67.6% career avg). We’re talking about a pitcher who has been unlucky: His O-Contact% is 80%, so he isn’t getting the strikeouts (K/9 has been cut in half since last year), his BABIP is 50 points above his career average, his HR/FB% is crazy high (20% compared to 6.5% career avg), he isn’t getting the ground balls he usually gets (0.17 GB/FB, 0.72 career avg) so the HR/FB% problem is multiplied that much more and his LOB% is 44%, his career Left on Base Percentage is 77.1%.

It’s a perfect storm of bad luck. Sure, he isn’t throwing his Change Up as much as years past, but that (just like everything) will work itself out. The sample size is awfully small and people are making rash decisions. This morning I woke up and found a Hoffman trade offer waiting for me in the Blog Wars league. It was one of those offers where you don’t know what you’re going to do, that doesn’t happen with me too often. Usually when I see an offer I know I’m going to reject it within a few minutes. Antonio D’Arcangelis offered me The Hoff and Brendan Ryan for Erick Aybar and Pedro Alvarez. I need the closer help with Lidge sitting and Antonio needed the Middle Infield help. Aybar is someone I didn’t like giving up, but that’s what makes a good trade. I’ve been lowballing people in my NL-Only league so it was nice to come back to reality and make a fair deal.

Don’t Hassel the Hoff Man, he is just fine.