Down Goes Pujols

A broken Pujols is usually looked at by a proctologist, but we’ll make due here
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When fantasy baseball’s perennial No. 1 overall draft pick gets hurt, it warrants a special injury report from yours truly. Devastating news for the Cardinals and fantasy owners surfaced today when Albert Pujols, God’s gift to baseball, suffered a non-displaced left distal radius fracture and is expected to miss 4-6 weeks. I’m here to tell you it might be longer than that and I’ll tell you why after the jump.

By now I’m sure you’ve seen highlights of the injury a million times. Pujols collided with a base runner making at play at first base yesterday, and the injury was initially ruled a sprained wrist. Unfortunately, more advanced imaging revealed a non-displaced (the fractured ends are in proper alignment and not separated – a good thing) fracture of the left distal radius. The radius is one of the two forearm bones; it’s easy to feel, just make a thumbs-up sign and follow your thumb right along the bone in your forearm – that’s your radius. The “distal” part of the radius is the part furthest from the center of the body, aka the part that connects to the wrist. The radius is the most commonly broken bone in the arm and is typically seen when someone falls on an outstretched wrist/hand (this sort of fracture is especially common where I practice in Rochester, NY where our harsh winters cause people to fall on ice).

A fractured radius, like most bones in the body, requires 4-6 weeks to heal, and that’s why the Cardinals have given this timeline. Fortunately for Pujols, with the fracture being non-displaced and NOT being classified as an “articular” fracture (which is a fracture that extends into the wrist joint – bad), he avoided the worst case scenario of surgical fixation. Unfortunately, Pujols will need to have supernatural recovery powers to return in the timeframe the Cards are suggesting. Pujols will be unable to mobilize (move) his wrist until the bone is healed, he will wear a cast for protection as well. Wearing a cast for 4-6 weeks is not good for the soft tissue in the wrist and hand, to say he will be stiff when the cast is removed is an understatement. Pujols will need to rehab vigorously once the cast is removed to regain the lost range of motion and strength in the wrist and hand. Once he regains his mobility, then he’ll be cleared to begin baseball activities. He will almost certainly need a few games in the minors to test it out, and such a long layoff will undoubtedly mess up his timing at the plate as well. With the injury occurring to his left arm, the bottom hand on the bat, it may even detract from his power a bit until he feels comfortable. Pujols has such tremendous power it might not affect him too much, but there will be a hangover effect here as Pujols’ wrist adjusts to the rigors of hitting.

To further complicate matters, Pujols also reports pain the shoulder as well. MRI results came back clean, which is good news, but guess what, Jason Heyward’s MRI’s were clean too, and how’d that work out? I’m not suggesting Pujols shoulder will require surgery or an extended DL stay because of his shoulder, it’s too soon to say, but it’s another factor that will slow down his rehab and could result in him missing more time. While the radius fracture should heal fine and he’ll likely show no long term effects from the injury, the shoulder issue could linger and is worth keeping an eye on.

Blah blah blah Don get to the point, what’s all that crap mean for us as fantasy owners? Well, I’m bumping up his recovery time to 6-8 weeks instead of the 4-6 weeks being reported. Not only that, but he’ll likely need a few weeks to get back into the swing of things (bad pun intended) and hit the way we’re accustomed to Albert Pujols hitting. I see him returning to the field in mid to late August, and not hitting up to his standards until the calendar flips to September. He might be a decent buy-low for H2H owners as he could easily be his usual self in time for your playoff run, but essentially you’re looking at around six weeks of Albert Pujols in your fantasy lineups for the remainder of 2011. Buy, sell or hold with that in mind.

As always, any questions can be dropped in the comments section, hope you learned something kids!

Don Brown is the resident Physical Therapist here at SoR. He takes care of all our knife wounds and shares his expertise on the injuries of the sporting world. For any further questions or comments, he can be reached at

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