Draft Season Review

After all was said and done, I drafted five teams. All the leagues are deeper than the average standard league and one league is NL-Only; so you know I’d like to hold my nose high, but in each of my four mixed leagues, I drafted Orlando Hudson. Yes, it’s true, I drafted Orlando Hudson four times. Before you start laughing, I’d like to say, this was not intentional. OK, now you can start laughing. I’ve already unloaded one share of Orlando for Brendan Ryan (emergency back up for Rickie Weeks) and I’ll drop him in another league when Gordon Beckham gains 2B eligibility; and then there were two. Miguel Cabrera, Grady Sizemore, Carlos Gonzalez, Conor Jackson and Sean Burnett all made their way onto three MDS teams. Twice I drafted Ryan Howard, Kevin Youkilis, Nyjer Morgan, Chipper Jones, Rickie Weeks, Everth Cabrera, J.D. Drew, Jeff Francoeur, Jeff Clement and Iván Rodriguez. I also double drafted Ubaldo Jimenez, Wandy Rodriguez, Brett Anderson, Carl Pavano, Chad Qualls, Jason Frasor, Takashi Saito and Pat Neshek.

Miguel Cabrera tended to be the cheapest of the Big 5 1B, Grady Sizemore is coming at a nice discount, I expect big things from Carlos Gonzalez, Conor Jackson is a great OF option for deep leaguers and Sean Burnett is a good middle reliever who gives me Holds and an outside shot at Saves. I was definitely targeting Ubaldo Jimenez and Brett Anderson. Nyjer Morgan looks like a legit .300 Avg 50 SB player. I wanted a piece of Rickie Weeks this season, but two shares was more than plenty. His health worries me, but the reward was too much to ignore. I didn’t go out of my way to get him, I just felt he was being underrated. Same story with Chipper Jones and J.D. Drew, their prices were right so I decided to gamble. Speaking of underrated, see Jeff Francoeur and Carl Pavano. I drafted two Jason Frasors; the pre-closer Frasor and the post-closer Frasor. I would have drafted him in more than two leagues if the news broke a few days later.

Players targeted, but failed to draft: I didn’t get A.J. Pierzynski or Yadier Molina; they were supposed to be my cheap options in auction drafts. Instead I ended up with Clement and Pudge. I didn’t get a piece of Adrian Gonzalez. I missed out on Robinson Cano. Jose Reyes escaped my grasp more than once. I tried for Evan Longoria a few times, only to see someone outbid me. If it wasn’t for my dynasty team I wouldn’t have any Upton action, Justin nor B.J. were drafted by me in 2010. I missed out on Nelson Cruz, Curtis Granderson, Jayson Werth and Carlos Quentin. I tried hard for Ricky Nolasco, to no avail. I did want Scott Baker and Matt Garza on at least one team. Somehow I missed out on Clay Buchholz and Stephen Strasburg. Rick Porcello was someone I kind of wanted, but I didn’t make much of an effort to acquire him. Same thing with Trevor Cahill.

Players I’m glad I did draft: I wish I had Liriano and Slowey in more than one league. The hype for Gordon Beckham was irresistible. Of course I’m happy to purchase Chase Utley in my NL-Only league. I would always look toward Erick Aybar’s way in the later parts of drafts, but only ended up with him once. I like the patience he is showing in the leadoff role. You’re not in the Cool Club unless you can say you drafted Jason Heyward, Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval. I was targeting Jay Bruce as a mid round OF, but I only drafted him once. I think Raul Ibanez was being underrated in most drafts, but I didn’t do much to drive the price up and only took him once. Andrew McCutchen is intriguing to me and it’s fun to have Kyle Blanks on a team. I have mixed feelings about Cameron Maybin, but I am happy to have him on one team. I thought I would end up with Gavin Floyd and Jon Lester on more than one team. I wish I had a more than one Jorge de la Rosa. I could use another Yovani Gallardo. I traded Homer Bailey just to get another Jeff Niemann, one wasn’t enough. I’m glad I landed Shaun Marcum and Justin Masterson at least once. I think Trevor Hoffman was underrated in all my drafts, but I didn’t have the funds to compete and only drafted him once. That bothers me a little.

Ugly players are rostered in deep leagues, so unfortunately I was forced to draft some players that I do not like. Frankly I’m embarrassed to be starting David Eckstein, but in 12 team NL-Only leagues (that add a MI position), things like this happen. My feelings for J.R. Towles are quickly changing. I sort of give him the evil eye when checking box scores, things could get worse here. I mentioned Homer Bailey earlier; I wanted to draft him once, just so I could say, “yeah, I knew he was going to break out”. I was happy to deal him before the season started. Don’t tell anyone, but I drafted John Lannan and Jamie Moyer. Oh the humanity.

Drafting season is over. Now is the time for mad crazy managing skills and sending questionable trade offers to Razzball. I asked a few others about their drafting seasons, to be continued