Dyno League Dilemma

The Anabolic Small Balls Dynasty League is close to starting back up for season 3. We keep all players year-to-year and use the waiver system rather than a draft for rookies/free agents. This way, no one will be losing matchups on purpose to get better players in next year’s draft. Also, teams who didn’t get an Early Round 1 selection in the initial draft, have an opportunity to acquire premiere talent. This is where my dilemma comes into play; I have the #2 Waiver and the #1 Waiver (a Reds homer) will be used on Aroldis Chapman. I have to make a decision between Jason Heyward, Desmond Jennings and Stephen Strasburg.

Anabolic Smalls Balls
12 team, H2H league, 25 man rosters (9 hitters, 9 pitchers, 7 bench)
OBP, SLG, SB, Run, RBI vs W, Hld, Sv, K, ERA, WHIP

“Super Upton Bros” aka “Movin’ On Upton” aka “Upton Your Face”

OF- Justin Upton
OF- BJ Upton
OF- Nelson Cruz
OF- Carlos Gonzalez
OF- Johnny Damon
OF- Garrett Jones

SP- Tim Lincecum
SP- Tommy Hanson (#2 Waiver last year)
SP- Matt Cain
SP- Scott Baker
SP- Kevin Slowey
SP- John Maine
SP- Phil Hughes

If this were a team starting from scratch, I’d take Jennings or Heyward, but my team is deep in the OF and a little thin at SP. I have to use Justin Morneau at UT after Miguel Cabrera lost 3B eligibility. I also have Ben Zobrist (who has OF elig), but I’ll be using him at 2B. This makes Dan Uggla expendable and I have a Uggla & Strasburg for Yovani Gallardo deal lined up. Jennings will be awesome, but I have a lot of speed with Reyes, Upton and a handful of other players who contribute in SB. Heyward will be a stud, but I already have 4 OF for 3 spots. I could take one of these two and try to trade away Nelson Cruz (30 yrs old), but everyone has an OF on the trade block. I could keep Strasburg, but I don’t want to get too crazy about a college pitcher. Plus Washington’s defense blows (you may remember Zimmermann and other WAS pitchers being listed on ERA/FIP unlucky lists).

I’m taking Strasburg, only to deal him away. Lincecum, Yovani and Hanson will be a nice 1-2-3 punch as I look to defend my championship. Of course, you may not think as highly of Yovani as I do (13th overall SP). So what would you do? Claim Heyward, Jennings or Strasburg?

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