Eric Hosmer: Not That Nice

Photo Credit: Keith Allison

We already went into great detail about why Adrian Gonzalez is an overrated fantasy option, but your boy Dudley Do Work isn’t done shitting on overvalued 1Bs. The next player locked into the crosshairs? The Wizard of Hos’ himself: Eric Hosmer. Find out what makes Hosmer a player to avoid in drafts/auctions after the jump:

Hosmer, considered one of the building blocks of the Royals’ franchise, was a beloved prospect last year touted for his advanced approach at the plate. He had a fine rookie season in 2011, tallying 563 PAs and posting a .293 BA, 19 HRs, 78 RBIs, 66 Rs, and 11 SBs. Key word there: “fine.” Not great. Not fantastic. Just plain ole’, vanilla-flavored “fine.” Yet somehow, he is being drafted as a top eight 1B according to MockDraftCentral.com. First base is a position that fantasy owners should bank on as a reliable power source. Hosmer is far from that. While the .172 ISO he registered in the bigs last year isn’t terrible, it’s underwhelming for a fantasy 1B. Think Hosmer’s power potential will grow in his second season? It’s possible, but keep in mind that he didn’t sock the ball out of the park that often in the minors. He only once topped the .200 ISO mark in the pros, and that was in AA with a home park that was a power paradise. Couple the modest power with the fact that Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City suppresses HR upside, and you have yourself a relatively low ceiling for the Wiz.

Hosmer isn’t a terrible player by any means. He does a great job of limiting the strikeouts (14.6 K% in 2011) and is a good bet for a .290-.300 BA as a result. Yet with such middling power, there’s no reason for this dude to be taken ahead of players like Mike Morse, Adam Lind, Ike Davis, or Paul Goldschmidt (especially since his counting stats will depend entirely on if the young KC lineup develops into a respectable offense). It remains to be seen if the current MDC data truly reflects what owners will be deciding on draft day about Eric Hosmer, but if the early results are any indication, you can bet that he won’t be chilling on any of my teams.


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