Fantasy Gods Love Uggla

Get in there Uggla. My butt hurts after drafting you last year.
Photo: Kintetsubuffalo

Despite what you've read, Dan Uggla is not dead. Do not inhale the white smoke. Put away the black ensemble. Do not shed a tear. Fake experts across the world have buried a man alive. Much like Dianne Feinstein, these so-called experts fear returning veterans. But we fantasy gods love Dan Uggla. We love cheap bounce back campaigns, and Uggla fits the bill. If you're a million dollar manager, this if for you. Cheers.

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Howie Kendrick? Dustin Ackley? Danny Espinosa and his broken shoulder? Why are these scrubs selected before Uggla? Apparently the fantasy community has proclaimed they have no need for 30 HRs in their middle infield. Uggs is the 15th second baseman off the board at MockDraftCentral (ADP 206). That is shameful. "One man's trash…" as they say.

Post-Hate Sleeper Alert (mine, but you can use it)

Sure Uggla struck out more often than usual, but that 26.7 K% was actually worse in '08 (27.6). He followed that up with a 22.5 K% in 2009. Why can't that K% improve this season? Oh that's right. Uggla turns 33-years old this Monday. He's old and decrepit. I doubt he'll even be able to walk or drive a car in 2013. We should probably ship him off to the U.K. to face their death panels. Don't be doopid. Uggla's 12.0 SwStr% was not far from his norm (11.0). He actually posted a career high 14.9 BB% in 2012. Blind he is not. If you didn't worry about the strike outs prior to '12 you shouldn't fear them now.

Did Uggla hit only 19 HRs for you? Boo hoo. His 11.4 HR/FB wasn't terrible. He had two bad months; so what. Only four second basemen hit more HRs than he did last year. And one of them (Ben Zobrist) should be rostered at the SS position. When Dan Uggla sucks the Chien-Ming Wang, only four 2Bs can out-muscle him. You should expect better in 2013. Do not be surprised if Uggs post a HR/FB better than his career 15.3-percent mark (he's done so in four of the past five seasons).

Dan Uggla is not blind. His muscles have not shriveled like George Costanza in a cold pool. He had a poor season. Variables change. Shit happens. We should learn to embrace the chaos and take advantage of it. The price is cheap, Atlanta's lineup is stacked, and the bounce back is inevitable.

How quickly we forget about Adam Dunn: 11 HRs to 41 HRs.

Dan Uggla Projection
.250 AVG, 30 HRs, 80 Runs, 85 RBIs, 3 SBs (625 PAs)
That includes a 24.6 K%, 15.8 HR/FB and a .279 BABIP.

Only Robinson Cano is projected to hit more HRs than Uggla.