Feeling Out the OutField

Outfield is DEEEP. It’s so deep I gave it 3 Es, that’s how deep it is. It’s a productive position, this is where bad fielders and blocked players go to get At Bats. Whether youre in a league with 3 or 5 OF, you can wait on the position. It’s hard to turn down Kemp, Crawford and Sizemore, but it’s often the best move. Braun may end up being ranked #2 after the season, but I’d still rather have Chase Utley, Alex Rodriguez and Evan Longoria. In auction leagues, it’s easier to kick back and watch ppl spend big money on an easy-to-fill position.

Million Dollar Strategy: use mid and late draft picks to fill the OF. I also like to fill my UT spot with another OF. You’re more likely to see an injury when you’re fielding 3 to 5 OF compared to other positions, so having another OF at UT helps production and in-season management. You don’t need to go into drafts with a few specific OF to target; having a large list of cheap, productive OF and drafting who falls to you should be the plan of action.

Crocodile Tiers (ADP from MDC)

OF 1: Not the best, but cheaper versions of the Brauns/Crawfords/Sizemores

Curtis Granderson: 35/15 a real possibility at pick 47
Nelson Cruz: cheaper and possibly better version of C-Grand at pick 65
Bobby Abreu: consistent production, virtual lock for .290/100/15/100/25 at pick 76

OF 2: Undervalued, Top 100 players

Raul Ibanez: 34 HR in 134 games last season, you can do worse at pick 94
Carlos Gonzalez: officially my fav OF option, .280/20/30 at pick 124
Hunter Pence: .280 AVG with 40 combined HR/SB at pick 86
Torii Hunter: .270/25/20 at pick 97
Nate McLouth: suspect .260 average coming, but cant argue with 25/25 at pick 89
Denard Span: .300/10/25 leadoff hitter is very underrated at pick 120
Jay Bruce: BABIP will correct itself, .275/30/5 coming at pick 121
Andrew McCutchen: .285/15/30 leadoff hitter at pick 88
Carlos Quentin: risk/reward type. If healthy, hes launching 35 bombs at pick 102

OF 3: (Michael) Bourn Identity Crisis

Nyjer Morgan: Ellsbury who? .300 AVG with 50 plus steals coming at pick 128
Julio Borbon: Nyjer Morgan with a .280 AVG, atop a better lineup at pick 152
Rajai Davis: Rickey Henderson endorsed, expect a .270 AVG with 50 SB at pick 159
Drew Stubbs: Rajai Davis with a touch of power (10 HR) at pick 305!
Juan Pierre: no HR/RBI, but a .290 AVG and 40 SB at pick 206
Dexter Fowler: doesn’t hit RHP well, but should steal 35 bases at pick 284

OF 4-5: the Lost and Found Bin

Vernon Wells: don’t hate, .275 AVG with 35 combined HR/SB cleanup hitter at pick 183
Chris Coghlan: he’s hoping to steal more this year, I see a .285 AVG and 30 combined HR/SB at pick 196
Nolan Reimold: Achilles is something to keep an eye on, .275/25/10 possible at pick 195
Juan Rivera: quiet .280 AVG and 25 HR at pick 207
Corey Hart: two 20/20 seasons already, .270/20/15 expectations at pick 183
Franklin Gutierrez: Corey Hart-esque stats at pick 257
Conor Jackson: over the Valley Fever, .285/15/10 coming cheap at pick 317
Delmon Young: mucho talent, weight loss, .290 career AVG, maybe 25 combined HR/SB at pick 328
Magglio Ordonez: huge second half, .310 AVG 15 HR at pick 290
Jeff Francoeur: free swingers not very consistent, but .280 AVG with 25 combined HR/SB at pick 328
JD Drew: limping (injury, not gangsta) version of Juan Rivera at pick 286
Cody Ross: .270/25/5 at pick 296
Josh Willingham: Cody Ross with a .260 AVG at pick 323
Cameron Maybin: post hype alert, #2 in lineup, expect 10 HR, 15 SB at pick 270
Lastings Milledge: the forgotten one, .270 with 35 combined HR/SB at pick 330
Kyle Blanks: .265/25/85 at pick 297
Elijah Dukes: needs to keep the K% in check, but 20/20 possibility. not listed at MDC
Chris Young: HUGE Batting AVG risk, but this is a former 32/27 player at pick 316
Jose Guillen: unlucky BABIP last year, quiet .270/20 at pick 369
Matt Diaz: Jason Heyward has nothing on Ma… ok, but he is a .300 hitter capable of 25 combined HR/SB, not listed at MDC
Milton Bradley: Milton? in Safeco? hmmmmm, pick 323 tho… no? ok, lets move on
Luke Scott: low Batting AVG (.260), but cheap source of 25 HR at pick 328
Rick Ankiel: really? yep. ok, maybe not… not listed at MDC

Warning: this post was written while watching Along Came Polly and listening to Company Flow. I think I’ve really grown and matured while writing this. When I ask everyone, “What do you think guys?” and some dude asks me, “Are you that kid from Crocodile Tiers?”. I’ll refrain from bursting out and reply, “You’re god damn right I am”.