Fister? I Hardly Know Her

Doug Fister (4% owned) isn’t a great pitcher by any means, but if you can sacrifice a few strikeouts for a solid ERA/WHIP you may find Doug to be of use. He put up a solid line against his division rivals and went toe-to-toe with Dan Haren [8 IP, 6 H, 2 BB, ER, 2 K]. Fister now owns a 1.29 WHIP and 2.93 ERA. When Brandon Beachy hit the DL in 14-team head-to-header, I added Fister so I technically own a share. All my Beachys love me, you ain’t fucking with my Dougie.

More Thursday MLB action after the jump.

Justin Turner (5 %) provided the lone run in the Nationals/Mets game. He went 1 for 3 with the RBI-single. He now has 13 hits in his past ten games. Turner has the ability to hit for AVG, but the HR and SB will be lacking. Turner has a track record for hitting plenty of Line Drives and posting high BABIP numbers throughout the minor leagues. He’s pushing a 12.5% K% now, but that will likely trickle down to the 15%-17% range. In a hypothetical situation, if Turner logged 500 AB I would expect roughly a .300 AVG with 11 HR and a handful of stolen bases.

The Nationals are the proud owners of the worst team batting average in the league. Worse than the Padres, Pirates and Mariners. They bend over and take it from anyone. Dillon Gee (2%) was the latest to have his turn with the easy, sleazy Nats [7.2 IP, 2 H, 3 BB, 3 K]. For a good time, call up any Probable Pitcher who matches up against Washington.

Normally I do not trust people that have two first names, but Allen Craig (1%) is making me think twice about this. Craig is a power hitter (think 25 HR potential) who doesn’t strike out too much. He’s currently sporting a 23.6% K%. Not great, but nothing to worry about. Normally this kind of K% would lead to a so-so batting average, but Craig’s power and track record of high BABIP numbers keep him from being a batting average liability. We didn’t see much in terms of thievery on Craig’s juvenile record, but he does have three SB so far this season. Allen went 3 for 4 on Thursday, hitting his second HR of the season (off J.A. Happ). I’ll be chastized for saying this, but Craig would be better than Matt Joyce as a long term option assuming both players logged the same number of AB. It’s true.

The 1% owned David Pauley got me a W today. He’s no good for saves or even holds, but I’m using him in an AL-Only league as a solid innings eating reliever. We’re starved for IP in that league and I’m getting great numbers from DJ Pauley D. Just though I’d pass that along.

Jorge Posada (47%) hit a RBI-double, he’s really turned things around this month. The LD% is back up to his normal numbers and the BABIP has done a 360. Despite being unable to hit for average early on, he showed plenty of power. Pitchers are scared to throw first pitch strikes to Jorge, he has the fourth lowest F-Strike% among all players (behind J.Bautista, B.Abreu and M.Teixeira). Many have given up on Posada, but you shouldn’t.

Jason Giambi (0%) hit three HR (7 RBI) on Thursday. Giambino is good for a few golden thong jokes, but that’s about it. More interesting is his teammate Seth Smith (15%) who went 3 for 4, pushing his AVG up to .301. Jonathan Herrera (16%) went 2 for 5, pushing his AVG up to .287.

J.P. Arencibia (34%) hit his 7th HR of the season (off Wade Davis). I projected 22 HR for J.P. before the season started, he’s well on his way to fulfilling that forecast.

Matt LaPorta (16%) went 2 for 3 with his 5th HR, the batting average now sits at .275.

Josh Collementer (7%) continued limiting free passes, he pitched well against the Braves today [6 IP, 2 H, K]. He’s allowed only one walk through 26 IP now. That’s pretty good, especially for someone who walked 4.06 batters per nine in 57 IP during his stay at AAA (2010). The strikeouts are below average, so if when the BB/9 normalizes, he won’t be of much use to most of us.

Chris Denorfia (1%) has been getting a good run at playing time recently. I had him on a team or two last season and I liked him. He’s been doing well in ’11, hitting .346 with 3 HR and 3 SB (74 AB). Denorfia had 9 HR and 8 SB in only 284 AB last season and he’s reduced his K% since then (18% down to 12%). It’s never fun to own a Padre, but we’ll take stats wherever we can get them.

Oooo we, Neftali Feliz threw 33 pitches today and recorded only two outs before being pulled in the ninth. He gave up two hits and a walk while blowing a second save in as many days. Maybe the team turns to Darren Oliver on Friday after all those pitches in the second of back-to-back days. Neftali maxed out at 100 mph while averaging 97 mph with the fastball [Brooks Baseball] so the velocity is there. Just so you know.

Tony LaRussa hasn’t named an official Closer, but Fernando Salas is the man in St. Louis. He locked down his fifth save of the year. He hasn’t blown a save or taken the blame for a loss and his numbers are great [18.2 IP, 18 K, 5 BB, 0.80 WHIP, 0.96 ERA]. It’s official if you ask me.