Forecasting Daniel Hudson

Jake Peavy is injured and his season is over (and if you believe everything you read, he will be part starting pitcher, part crime fighting robot next year). The White Sox will call up Dan Hudson from Charlotte for Sunday’s tilt versus Kansas City and we need a rest-of-season forecast. Without forecasts we have chaos and I can’t sit back and allow the world to go to shit with people making random, uneducated guesses. Oh the humanity. Let me bust out the magic 8 ball, tarot cards, crystal ball and get Miss Cleo on the line. It’s forecast time!

hudsonDaniel Clairborne Hudson will make his 18th AAA start against the Royals tomorrow. OK, the Royals are not that bad anymore. Believe it or not, they actually lead the league in Team Batting Avg (.282). Through his 17 starts in the International League, Hudson sported a 3.47 ERA (3.67 FIP) and a 1.16 WHIP with 108 strikeouts in 93.1 IP. Perusing MinorLeagueSplits, it doesn’t appear that Hudson was the beneficiary of any kind of luck (.297 BABIP, 19.9% LD%), so it’s easy to understand why people are excited about his arrival. Hudson has three plus pitches (change, curve, sinker), racks up the strikeouts, limits fly balls and (although he has occasional bouts with wildness, he doesn’t walk a lot of batters; he will be good. He was a September call up last season (after starting the year in single A ball), making two starts and four relief appearances. The results weren’t bad: 1.34 WHIP, 3.38 ERA, 14 K in 18.2 IP. I already made the pick up in one league and found a few people beat me to him in other leagues. The forecast is moderate, there is plenty of room for upside.

85 IP, 7 W, 73 K, 1.32 WHIP, 4.15 ERA