Self Help with Corey Patterson

Corey Patterson may not be related to Bob Patterson, but he could very well be the subject matter in his self-help books. The real life Patterson is owned in only 1% of Yahoo! leagues and is looking to be a best seller. Yes, I did cringe a little when I added him to my team, but he is far from the scariest Patterson out there. Like Sister Patterson, I practice what I preach; but do take note, the league in which I added Corey is a deep league (15 teams, 5 OF). Standard sized leagues can afford to dismiss the once heralded prospect, but deep leaguers may want to take a chance on his potential.

With Nolan Reimold looking to rediscover his stroke in AAA and Brian Roberts discussing backiotomies with Sir Smoke-A-Lot while on the DL, Corey Patterson has been starting in Left Field and hitting leadoff for the Orioles. He has gotten off to a fast start, hitting .308 with 2 HR and 2 SB in 7 games. Many people have already forgotten Patterson, but he was the third overall pick in the 1998 draft and put up great numbers in a few seasons: 24/32 in 2004 and 16/45 in 2006. In fact, if we take Corey’s career numbers and create six seasons (6.76) of 150 games played; he would have averaged over 15 HR and 27 SB per. Now, keep in mind Corey has been in the league since the year 2000 and topped 150 games twice so let’s not get overly excited here.

Yes, Corey will turn 31 in August so he may not be as fast as he once was. Yes, I expect Nolan Reimold to be called up later this summer and Brian Roberts to reclaim the leadoff role. No, I am not sure Patterson is a long term solution to my troublesome 5th OF position. However, I do believe Patterson is a great short term solution that has the potential to have long term value. He was swinging a hot bat in AAA (.368/.419/.491 w/ 3 SB in 57 AB) before being called up and he seems to be carrying that over into the big leagues.  The Batting Average will likely sit in the .250-.260 range, but the potential for HR and SB may leave you saying, I Love Baltimore. The risk is minimal, the reward is large; don’t let sour Cubby fans scare you away from helping yourself.