Fun With Projections: Hitters

Hey. Who wants to have some fun? Now you just saying you want to have fun or do you really want to have some fun? Right now there are over 275 projections, that I calculated, sitting in the right-hand sidebar. Why don’t we make the jump to the other side of this blog post and make some ridiculous proclamations!

Not only does Carlos Santana provide more value than Buster Posey at their respective ADPs (118 vs 44), but Santana will outproduce Posey as long as he is healthy (leg). Santana’s power and speed (.279-19-5) will trump Posey’s Batting Average (.294-18-1). Just so you know, World Series rings and Rookie of the Year awards are not fantasy statistics.

J.P. Arencibia will hit over 20 HR and push Chris Iannetta for a Top 12 spot among all Catchers.

Joe Mauer, the No.1 Catcher off the board, will struggle to reach double digit Home Runs.

Chase Utley will outproduce Robinson Cano as long as he stays healthy (thumb) and doesn’t slow down on the base paths.

Ian Kinsler will outproduce everyone at Second Base if he can stay healthy (entire body).

Ryan Raburn will be a Top Twelve Second Baseman in leagues where he qualifies at the position (.275-25-85-89-5).

If Reid Brignac gets full-time At Bats, he will fail to post a .240 AVG.

Alexei Ramirez is better than Derek Jeter and Jimmy Rollins.

Alcides Escobar will be a Top Twelve Shortstop (.283-6-81-47-25).

Ian Desmond will not live up to the hype after he fails to post a Line Drive Percentage above 17%.

Jose Bautista will hit over 40 HR and completely justify his ADP (53).

Alex Gordon will be labeled a post-hype sleeper and provide us with a .264-21-82-74-12 line.

Matt Kemp will fall one Home Run short of reaching the 30/30 club.

Jay Bruce will be inside your Top Ten Outfielder rankings for the 2012 season.

Matt Holliday will not be a Top Twelve Outfielder this season.

Rajai Davis will crack the Top Twenty Outfielders in 2011 (.289-6-90-49-55).

Drew Stubbs will have a higher rank than Ichiro Suzuki in 2011.

Which stat line would you rather have?
.262-23-79-87-21 vs .267-25-88-85-12
You just chose Nate McLouth over Jayson Werth.

Vernon Wells looks like a ninja turtle.

Coco Crisp will be great… if he can stay healthy (not going to happen).

Austin Jackson will not be a Top 70 Outfielder.

Maybe a couple of these weren’t ridiculous (Joe Mauer), but at least they’re all true and are guaranteed to come to fruition. Everything you read here is going to happen. That comes with a money back guarantee. You won’t find a better deal than that. If your hunger for projections wasn’t satisfied here, you can choose from the menu:
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ADP numbers provided by KFFL