Gentlemen, Place Your Bets

It happens every year. It is terrifying and has driven many managers to reach early for Mariano Rivera and the Jonathan Brothers: Papelbon n Broxton. Closer Turnover Rate is coming to a theatre near you and there is no way anyone can stop it from happening, not even those anti-Marilyn Manson protesters. Last year audiences watched as nine Closers lost their jobs; Troy Percival, B.J. Ryan, George Sherrill, Brandon Lyon, Brandon Morrow, Brad Ziegler, Mike Gonzalez, Matt Lindstrom and Kevin Gregg. Troy Percival was the teen couple making out on a back road in a horror flick, you just knew he was going to be the first one to die. The 2010 season hasn’t even started, but yet we’ve already seen injuries to Joe Nathan, Kerry Wood, Huston Street, Andrew Bailey and Octavio Dotel. Brad Lidge is still recovering from surgery and Brandon Lyon will likely cede the role to Matt Lindstrom because he’s not at full strength. Like horror movies, Closer Turnover Rate can sometimes be predictable and managers would be sage to snag a few understudies for the upcoming bloodbath.

They can run, but they can’t hide: Top 15 Closers who will lose their job

1. Matt Capps (D.Storen, B.Bruney, S.Burnett, T.Clippard)
2. Octavio Dotel (B.Donnelly, E.Meek, J.Hanrahan)
3. Kerry Wood (C.Perez)
4. Mike Gonzalez (J.Johnson, C.Meredith, K.Mickolio)
5. David Aardsma (B.League, M.Lowe, S.Kelley)
6. Matt Lindstrom (B.Lyon, S.Gervacio, J.Fulchino)
7. Huston Street (F.Morales, R.Betancourt, M.Daley, M.Corpas)
8. Billy Wagner (T.Saito, P.Moylan, K.Medlen)
9. Rafael Soriano (J.P. Howell, D.Wheeler, G.Balfour, R.Choate)
10. Frank Francisco (C.Ray, N.Feliz, D.Oliver, C.J. Wilson)
11. Leo Nunez (D.Meyer, B.Sanches)
12. Brad Lidge (R.Madson, D.Baez)
13. Brian Fuentes (F.Rodney, S.Shields)
14. Bobby Jenks (M.Thornton, J.Putz)
15. Heath Bell (M.Adams, L.Gregerson)

16. Andrew Bailey (B.Ziegler, M.Wuertz, J.Devine)
17. Ryan Franklin (J.Motte, T.Miller, D.Reyes, K.McClellan)