the Turkey

I hate Kevin Gregg (how’s that for an opener?). I’m willing to bet many more people hate Gregg after his five walk, Blown Save implosion tonight. Just check out the above Inning Summary, his line is too disgusting for me to type it. I can’t do it. No. Gregg has lost his closing job two years in a row (in Chicago and Florida) and he’s looking for the turkey. Even before tonight his May numbers were terrible (5.11 ERA, 1.95 WHIP, 2 BS). I don’t think my solar powered calculator can crunch the huge numbers from tonight at this time of day. I might need a gas powered calculator for his performance, that’s how bad it was.

OK, just for fun I contacted the professor of advanced mathematics at the nearest university and was told Gregg’s May ERA is 7.62 and his WHIP is 2.31. Obviously he earned his third Blown Save of the month. Hopefully Cito took notice, I would like to drop this guy.

The two candidates to inherit the job are the same two pitchers we all thought would win the job during Spring Training: Scott Downs and Jason Frasor. Downs (LHP) was the first to close last year when B.J. Ryan (remember him?) lost the job, his numbers are pretty good this year: 1.07 WHIP, 2.96 ERA. He pitched part of the eighth inning tonight and would be my guess to take the job. Frasor has an ugly roto line (1.69 WHIP, 4.64 ERA), but has pitched pretty well in May (0.94 WHIP, 1.67 ERA) and was Toronto’s closer to end the season last year. He pitched part of the seventh inning tonight and left after giving up an Earned Run. Both of these guys are worth the speculative add…. right now. If you have to choose one, go with Downs.