H2H Baseball: the MDS way

Here’s my problem with h2h leagues: there’s a ton of luck involved and streamers give the game a bad name. Rotisserie leagues are preferred by anyone who is serious about winning. You cannot deny the fact that h2h leagues are a lot of fun though. I have combined the best of both worlds and conjured up a scoring system that makes the game more realistic, competitive and fun. Many people will not understand the setup, but it’s the best head-to-head scoring system ever created. Of all time. Period.

First off, let’s start with the idea of the century. Each team is allowed to throw only 60 innings per week. Our goal is to have teams throwing the same amount of Innings. The problem with streaming lies in the fact that most scoring systems reward the team who can throw the most SP per week. It doesn’t matter if you’re allowed five moves per week or one, the goal is the same: throw the most SP. Roto leagues (1250 IP) average 50 innings per week, but with some pitchers going twice a week and the inclusion of setup men (Holds) a little allowance is recommended.

The scoring categories. Public leagues use a 5×5 system, which to me, is just not adequate. Why do SP only get four categories when batters have five? This negates the value of Pitchers, which is why you only see a handful of SP (who are the most important players in the real game) go in the early rounds. We should be drafting the best players, not the best hitters. Besides, positional players are more predictable/reliable so their value is already more favorable. My setup uses a 5×7 system which may confuse some. Just think of it as a twelve-category scoring system that credits five stats to hitters and five to Starting Pitchers.

OBP: in a nutshell its basically AVG with walks incorporated
SLG: chicks dig the long ball but SLG is the best way to measure power
QS: your Starter deserves credit for giving his team a solid chance to win
HLD: we should be including a full bullpen, it’s basically a Save anyway

OBP n SLG covers: Batting Average, Walks, Bean Balls, Singles, Doubles, Triples, HR. In some leagues you’ll see commissioners add the Doubles, Triples and Walks as seperate categories, but this just inflates a hitter’s value even more. Using SLG, rather than HR, also give batters a second category that can be negatively affected, just like pitchers (ERA, WHIP). No small detail. You’ll be forced to draft players who have solid Power AND Speed. A player like Michael Bourn will destroy your SLG on his quest for SBs, just like Joba Chamberlain is destroying my WHIP while I chase Ks.

Roster positions: we use the normal nine hitter positions, but we also use 9 Pitcher positions (no SP, RP). There’s really no need to classify the pitchers when you have a max IP limit. Managers can have free reign to how they want to throw against other managers, strategies abound.

Handcuffing isn’t just for fantasy football anymore. You can handcuff your Closers with the 8th inning reliever so you get Holds and you don’t have to rush to the free agent market when something bad happens.

Because Yahoo does not offer the 60 IP weekly max, I have to do this manually. This is the first fantasy baseball league to ever use this scoring system, no one said being a pioneer is easy. The only way to fix this is to complain to yahoo and ask for the option to be created.

Player rankings will definitely change with any custom settings. If you can’t guesstimate who is better or worse with this system, you can see how last season’s rankings were affected with some tinkering at Baseball Monster. This format for custom head-to-heads league is proven. It took a lot of work to run, but it was a fun league. I don’t think I’ll ever do all that work again, but I’m glad I did it once. I’ll be fighting the power that be to create this option for all of us. You should too. You should play h2h baseball the MDS way.