Hold on for Dear Life

Saturday n Sunday and that’s all she wrote for the season. Pitching staffs are getting real interesting after starters make their last appearance. Some teams are fighting for specific categories and most are looking to stream innings on their last day of pitching without dragging down the ERA n WHIP.

This is my pitching staff for myWainwrights World team and I need holds. Luckily, we use 9 Pitcher spots instead of SP & RP position labels. It pained me to do it, but I had to cut Adam Wainwright after his start tonite to make room for Brendan Donnelly. It is no longer Wainwright’s world or party time and it wasn’t excellent, but the 2nd place team is trailing MDS in holds by only 1 and I dont want him to cut into my 4.5 Pt lead. I even grabbed a couple extra set-up men in case he wanted to try to be a wise guy. I don’t have enough Innings left (8.2) to throw a SP until Sunday, when I’ll being playing Probable Pitchers, Wade Davis & Chris Narverson. Not the best looking group of pitchers, but they should get the job done. Then I’ll look to pick-up Adam Wainwright again and refresh my team’s trash talk.

Wayne’s World Trailer