Homeless Heroes: Corey Povich? Nah, Corey Po’-Rich

No Dick’n Around
Photo Credit: Keith Allison

Go pick up Corey Dickerson.

Yeah, we’re skipping past the homeless humor this week to tell you to go pick Corey Dickerson the fuck up. Now.

You’re still reading this? Well, can’t say that I blame you. I’m pretty awesome after all. Who were we talking about again? Oh yeah… me.

No wait, Corey Dickerson. Yeah, he’s pretty great too. Charlie Blackmon’s tremendous start to the season made Dickerson a fantasy after-thought, especially after he was sent down in early April. Gloriously, Michael Cuddyer is hurt (yes, I root for injuries when players as good as Corey Dickerson are being blocked). Now Dickerson is getting a chance to show off.

It’s no surprise that he went 3-for-4 in his first game after getting called up Monday. That included a HR, double, steal, two RBIs, and a run. This type of roto-stuffing performance is what his skill-set is capable of. He owns a career .322 BA and .279 ISO in the minor leagues. Those are incredible numbers, and they ain’t no bullshit numbers swayed by one or two years of production. He’s always hit for power and average in his pro career, while also showing the ability to steal double-digit bases. This is the type of player who can make a huge impact on your fantasy roster, and he’s barely owned.

I don’t know shit about your personal life loyal reader, but I can confidently say that you are in desperate need of some Dick’.


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