I could have told you so…

does it count if I post this after his start? (enlarge pics by clicking on them)
I loaded up on Robinson Tejeda in five leagues for his start vs Detroit; three roto leagues and two h2h leagues. I’m in the quarterfinals of both playoffs so I was reppin‘ full confidence in this spot start. Miguel Cabrera can’t hit him (2 for 11 now) so it was an easy call. He also got a quick mention from Pianowski at Roto Arcade. There are very few times I’ll pick-up-a-dude across all my leagues. This is a spot start that has the potential to turn into a full blown fantasy relationship.

Before Tuesday’s start he hadn’t allowed a run since July 29th. He put up a tasty 33/9 K/BB ratio thru 26 innings, eight appearances as a reliever and two turns at starting pitcher. He threw a nice game vs Detroit, but the walks are something to keep an eye on. Even tho he had a nice campaign in ’08 as a reliever (1.04 whip, 41Ks) he did walk 19 batters thru 39 innings and walked four batters in 5 innings on Tuesday. His next few starts: @CHI, vs MIN, @NYY don’t look too enticing, but I’ll prolly roll him out there @ CHI and vs MIN now that the white sox sold-out and the twinkies lost morneau. We’ll see what happens. If you’re looking to fill out your IP limit, stream against an opponent or even find a super sleeper for next season, Robinson Tejeda could be worth remembering.