Indie Blog Invitational

MDS will be creating and hosting the first Indie Blog Invitational fantasy baseball league. We’re talking about the love child of the Sun Dance Film Festival and Yahoo’s Friends n Family league; a place where any willing and ready independant blogger can test his or her merit. Like Sundance, there may even be a few stars in the crowd if I can lure a few industry gurus into the league. Anyone who has their own blog page or writes for a fantasy website can join the fun and represent. Our lineup includes:

Paul Bourdett [Fanhouse] [Base-Heads]
Antonio D’Arcangelis [Roto Experts] [FFToday]
Charlie Saponara [FB365]
Scott Swanay [Fantasy Baseball Sherpa]
David Golebiewski [Fangraphs]
Grey Albright [Razzball]
Tim Heaney [KFFL]
Paul Greco [Fantasy Pros 911]
Eno Sarris [Fantasy Lounge Sports] [Roto Experts] [Fangraphs]
Chris Carbonell [Roto Experts] [Starbonell Station]
Aaron Murray [Roto Savants]
Bryan Freilich [Fantasy Baseball Cafe]
Josh Shepardson [the Hardball Times] [Fantasy Baseball Cafe]
A-mak15 [A-mak15]

15 team, Standard 5×5 Roto scoring
C(2), 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CI, OF(5), UT, P(9), BN(3)

Update: MDS sold out faster than Avril Lavigne, the league may be now known as Blog Wars in honor of Tout Wars

League Overview Page: standings, teams, draft results