It’s Just a Ride: Wednesday

Fantasy baseball has provided me with many thrill and chills. It’s been a fun ride, but lately I haven’t had as much time for the wonderful game we play. I’d like to say I haven’t had a choice, but that’s not the case. I have made the choice to limit my time here. Don’t worry, this isn’t me saying goodbye. However, I am coming to the conclusion that there are more important things that I’d like to do with my time. Protecting my (and your) health and civil liberties has become important to me. I’ve decided to make it a personal mission of mine to stop the fluoridation of water in my community and to thwart the attempts of unlawful groping by the ever expanding militant wing that goes by the name of the TSA. While most Americans are obsessing over Michael Jordan and Biebler (hilarious rant, not a Biebler link), I’ve been paying attention to our shrinking dollar and the incrementalism of our rights. It’s not a joyous situation, but luckily I have the make believe world of fantasy baseball in which I can bury my head. I can spend a hour or two and lose myself inside the world of mathematics. So let’s ignore our ever evolving fascist society for a short while and delve into a few feel good story lines from Wednesday.

My preseason dandy Mat Latos pitched eight innings, allowing only a single run and no walks while striking out seven at home against the Cardinals. His velocity (average fastball) was up to 93 mph so it looks like he’s regaining some arm strength. He maxed out at 96 mph, according to Brooks Baseball. He’s still not sitting at the 94 mph he was throwing last season, but it’s a step in the right direction. That and the improved control (95 pitches, 63 strikes) brings a smile to my face.

James McDonald is starting to get into a groove. After struggling early on, he’s surrendered only two walks in his past two starts (12.2 IP @CIN, ATL). McDonald has racked up 10 K during this short stretch. During his past five starts he’s had three one-walk performances. Maybe it’s time to get back on the post-hype sleeper in Pittsburgh. The team can’t provide much run support, but a pitcher can rise above this issue if he limits walks and strikes out enough batters. Eventually McDonald will get there.

Zack Greinke hit his second career HR while striking out ten today at Washington. He now has 39 K to 3 BB on the season (28 IP). He’s officially a Top Ten SP again, maybe better. I’d have to take a closer look to give a more specific number and I’m not willing to do that now. He’s damn good, we’ll leave it at that. It’s nice to see Zack succeed.

The Twins lost again (16-32). Yes, that’s a feel good story. Every loss bring us that much closer to seeing Bill Smith removed as GM. The Twins have no shot at winning a Central Division title with that blundering fool at the helm. With the dismantling of the Twins lineup, Erik Bedard now has five straight starts with two earned runs or less allowed. He’s given up only four runs over this stretch of 33 IP. Enjoy this while it lasts, Bedard won’t make it past 140 IP. 

Philly and Cincy said, “Let’s play two!” and went into deep space overtime. They played 19 innings and my boy Jay Bruce (who’s better than Matt Holliday, yeah!) went 3 for 8, hitting his 13th HR (3 RBI) off that Inglorious Bastardo, Antonio.

I added Reed Johnson to at least four of my teams earlier today. Mainly because he plays on Thursday (MLB short day). He was the best option available among the dregs of deep league free agents. He’s been streaking lately and Marlon Byrd is on the DL so Reed will run free in the Outfield for the time being. Anyone who could pull a MF Doom and go on stage in place of Scott Ian has my blessings.

Alberto Callaspo hit his 3rd HR of the season. Three home runs aren’t anything special, but hey, Eric Hosmer has three home runs and people worship the guy. Alberto is no difference maker by any means, but he’s on my AL-Only team and I have a soft spot in my heart for anyone named Alberto. Viva Alberto!

Logan Morrison went 3 for 5 with 2 runs scored. I’d actually prefer to see him struggle at the plate though. I don’t own a piece of LoMo and it’s always fun to see him respond to hecklers on twitter

This was pretty much all I noticed while quickly perusing the boxscores tonight. If there’s something I missed that interests you, holler at me in the comments. I can’t guarantee a response here (LiveFyre hates me about 3 out of 5 days) so feel free to send an Email. Remember, life is just a ride.