Jose Bautista: How To Be Creepy

I’ve already declared my love for Jose Bautista. I know it, you know it and the restraining order tells me he knows it. Everyone knows that I ranked Jose as my No. 1 player in the Top 100 Fantasy Baseballers, everyone knows I said he would hit another 43 HR after he had already hit nine Home Runs in April and everyone knows about my attempts at creating a Jose Bautista hair doll. There’s not much else to be said about the awesomeness that is Jose Bautista, oh wait, yes there is. After the jump of course.

Jose Bautista is the most feared hitter in the league. His 36.3% Zone% (the percentage of pitches thrown inside the strike zone) is easily the lowest in the league. A statistic where players are separated by one tenth of a percentage point, the nearest player is 3% higher than Bautista. Also, his 48.5% F-Strike% (the percentage of first pitches that are strikes) is the second lowest in the league. Pitchers are not throwing strikes to Jose and he still leads the league in Home Runs.

The best fastball hitter in the league is: Jose Bautista
The best slider hitter in the league is: Jose Bautista (tied with Alex Gonzalez)
The best changeup hitter in the league is: Jose Bautista

Jose Bautista has 38 walks (22.2% BB%) to 21 strikeouts (15.9%). That 22.2% BB% leads the league. So does his 1.81 BB/K

Jose Bautista’s 1.350 OPS lines up well with Barroid Bonds’ Balco years

Jose Bautista’s ISO is .477 (Starbonell will need a change of underwear after seeing that). Curtis Granderson is second with a .341 ISO. Juan Pierre has a .033 ISO.

Jose Bautista’s .364 AVG leads the league, yet his BABIP is only .323. The next highest AVG with a BABIP lower than .323 belongs to Paul Konerko (.306 AVG with a .309 BABIP).

Jose Bautista hit 54 HR in ’10. This season he’s cut his K% by nearly 5% (20.4% to 15.9%). His HR/FB% is nearly 10% higher (21.7% to 31.6%). That HR/FB% coincides with a FB% that is above 50%. You cannot ask for a better situation when it comes to hitting Home Runs. A player’s HR total derives from the number of Fly Balls multiplied by HR/FB%. A large number of Fly Balls multiplied by a league leading HR/FB% equals a lot of Home Runs.

Jose Bautista’s current line: .364 AVG, 37 Runs, 18 HR, 31 RBI, 5 SB

Jose Bautista’s HR and SB extrapolated over 162 games: 78.8 HR and 21.9 SB

Jose Bautista is the No. 1 ranked player at Yahoo!