Jose Fernandez Deserves Universal Ownership

Ole Jose!
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Coming into the year, Jose Fernandez was regarded as one of the top pitching prospects in baseball. To the amazement of many, the Marlins put him in the rotation to open the season following his domination of the South-Atlantic league last year (Single-A).


Many critics immediately claimed the Marlins would ruin his career by putting him a big league jersey this early. After compiling two initial good starts, he followed it up with two rough starts. In my fantasy league, he was dropped after his fourth start, sporting a 4.50 ERA.


While many of Fernandez's critics celebrated their predictions, I picked him up immediately after he cleared waivers in one of my leagues.  I needed a pitcher and felt that, at the very least, he would make a good streaming option at home against the Mets. Not only did he pitch well in that game, but he has been a stud since I added him, allowing only seven runs in his last four outings (with 25 strikeouts in 24 IP).


I went to Fangraphs to analyze his apparent found stability with my simple graph I like to call "Balling." It contains the following: GS, W, L, ERA, WHIP, BA, K/9, and SwStr%. If a pitcher for any amount of time is in the top 30 of this graph, I consider them to be "balling." With a WHIP of 1.00, ERA of 2.25, a stingy .192 BAA, and a 9.45 K/9, the Marlins pathetic lineup is the only thing holding this kid back!


Don't get me wrong, I understand that the Marlins aren't going to be one of the better teams this year and that his run support will be on the very low-end. However, that is the beautiful thing about a young ace; he can control an entire game's outcome with the performance of his arm.


Currently 2-2, Jose Fernandez is not going away. He is beyond the point of ever getting sent down again and deserves to be owned in all fantasy leagues (he's sitting on just 48-percent of Yahoo! leagues). 

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