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I own zero shares of Josh Hamilton, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since I left him outside my top 10 in the OF edition of “Tiers, Not Fears.” Yet while I didn’t expect him to provide ample draft day value, I didn’t think he’d be this awful. 


Is Josh Hamilton a lost cause? Or will God’s favorite addict pull off another improbable comeback? 


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Hamilton’s fast-rising strikeout rate and fragile health were the chief reasons I stayed away from him this draft season. The whiffs have continued to be an issue (28.1 K%) and it’s led to him hitting a pitiful .202 this year. He’s managed to stay healthy so far in 2013, but his fantasy owners aren’t really thinking about that. In fact, they probably don’t give two shits about the strikeouts. It’s the lack of power that has Hamilton owners bugging out.


Shit, you would accept the horrible BA if he hit for the power he’s shown throughout his career (.240 ISO lifetime). Hamilton hitting in the middle of a lineup that boasts Albert Pujols and Mike Trout was supposed to bring supreme HR and RBI totals, but his production so far hasn’t even been as good as a Baja Supreme taco. 


With a .096 ISO and 6.7 HR/FB, Hamilton is on pace for his worst major league campaign to date… and it ain’t even close. What fantasy owners want to know is if his power will come back this season. The answer? Probably not.


For starters, Hamilton is clearly a less dominant player at the plate. He’s swinging at more pitches than ever, but is also whiffing at an astounding pace. When he is making contact, it’s been of the weaker variety (modest 18.7 LD%). He seems to be just hacking away lawlessly at the plate. Is it possible he can turn things around and get his power numbers to where they should be? Hey, Chris Berman is still on television… ANYTHING is possible. Of course, you may be waiting awhile. And by the time he possibly figures out what’s wrong with his swing, the injury bug might’ve already bitten him on the dick.


You can try trading Hamilton if you like. Perhaps there’s some poor sucker in your league delusional enough to think he’s about to turn his 2013 around. If so, shoot me an e-mail. I got some magic beans they might be interested in.


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