Ks Per Plate Appearance

I use K/9 often. It is what I first look at when projecting a pitcher’s WHIP (which helps project ERA). K/9 is better for roto purposes than a flat total for Strikeouts, but I can’t help but think K/PA would be better to guage a pitcher’s K potential. I don’t think K/PA will ever replace K/9, but I just want to toy around and see how a Jonathan Sanchez type pitcher compares to those with similar K/9, but better WHIP. Reason being, Jonathan Sanchez faces more batters, so he has more chances for strike outs.

Using Fangraphs, these are the leaders for K/9 (avg K/9 in 2009 was 6.99)

10.91 Rich Harden
10.42 Tim Lincecum
10.09 Justin Verlander
9.96 Jon Lester
9.89 Yovani Gallardo
9.77 Javier Vazquez
9.75 Jonathan Sanchez
9.74 Clayton Kershaw
9.50 Zack Greinke
9.49 Ricky Nolasco
9.39 Jorge de la Rosa
9.19 Max Scherzer
8.75 Dan Haren
8.48 AJ Burnett
8.45 Wandy Rodriguez
8.43 Josh Beckett
8.38 Matt Garza
8.22 Josh Johnson
8.21 Chad Billingsley
8.19 Adam Wainwright
8.18 Felix Hernandez
8.17 Ubaldo Jimenez
8.08 Carlos Zambrano

and how these players stack up using K per PA or Total Batters Faced

.288 Tim Lincecum
.281 Rich Harden
.274 Justin Verlander
.272 Javier Vazquez
.267 Jon Lester
.264 Zack Greinke
.264 Clayton Kershaw
.257 Yovani Gallardo
.249 Jonathan Sanchez
.248 Ricky Nolasco
.245 Dan Haren
.242 Jorge de la Rosa
.235 Max Scherzer
.227 Wandy Rodriguez
.225 Josh Beckett
.223 Josh Johnson
.222 Felix Hernandez
.220 Matt Garza
.219 Adam Wainwright
.218 AJ Burnett
.217 Chad Billingsley
.217 Ubaldo Jimenez
.207 Carlos Zambrano

Did I just revolutionize fantasy baseball? Yeah? Maybe? Hell no. This is just some food for thought. I don’t need to tell anyone A.J. Burnett is overrated. Did I learn anything from this exercise? Nope, not really.